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Drug Testing Consent Form


I hereby consent to have a sample of my urine collected and tested for the presence of drugs in accordance with the Bedford County Board of Education Drug and Alcohol Education and Testing Policy.  

I understand that this testing will occur at such time or times as deemed appropriate by school officials.  I also understand that any urine samples collected will be sent only to a licensed medical laboratory for actual testing and that the testing procedures will maintain the confidentiality of the results.

I hereby authorize the release of such urine testing results to the principal, athletic director, head coach, certified athletic trainer and/or team physician, and other school officials necessary for the implementation of the Drug and Alcohol Education and Testing Policy and Procedures.  I understand that the results will also be made available to me.  I also authorize, upon their specific request, the release of the results of such tests to my parents(s)/guardian(s).  

I understand that I am free to withdraw this consent for urinalysis testing; however, I also understand that should I refuse to submit to testing at any time requested by school officials, I will not be permitted to participate in any school athletic, cheerleading, or extra-curricular program until such time as the principal, athletic director, head coach, or other school official shall deem appropriate.  

I hereby release Community School and the Bedford County Board of Education from any legal responsibility or liability for the release of such information and records as authorized by this form.


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Signature of Parent/Guardian________________________ Date__________