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Class of 1997

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.


Class of 1997

Adcock, Christopher
Armstrong, Matthew
Beasley, Clifton
Beasley, Angela
Beech, Jeremy
Beech, Amanda
Blackburn, Neal
Blanton, Amy
Bluthardt, Jennifer
Bradley, Kimberly
Brannon, Bryan
Burris, Kelly
Campbell, Kristin 
Campbell, Kristina
Carney, Pam
Cobb, Travis
Craft, Horace 
Curry, Laquitta 
Fox, Kelly
Gonzalez, Juanpablo
Griffy, Matt
Guthrie, Shaun
Hambrock, Jamie
Hedge, Joshua
Hix, George
Johnson, Natalie
Leverette, Crystal
Leverette, Ron
Leverette, Jon
Lyall, Cameron
Lynch, Lisa Eychner
Maloney, Jessica
Napper, Carolee
Neal, Joey
Neese, Millicent
Owen, Janice
Parker, Bobby
Peacock, Kristoffer
Price, Keisha
Pruitt, Holli
Reed, Laura
Savage, Theresa
Sims, David 
Stacy, Brent
Sullivan, Kelly
Thurber, Tracy 
Walker, Susan 
West, Amanda
Wilhoite, Kelli
Williams, Amanda
Williams, Adam
Woodard, Ashley
Wunner, Stephen