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Class of 1996

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.


Class of 1996

Beasley, Aimee
Bedwell, Heather
Blanton, Brad
Bluthardt, Daniel
Boyette, Shanna
Brake, Jacqueline
Brandon, Nicole
Brannon, Naqunia
Brown, Joshua
Burks, William
Burris, Brad
Burton, T J 
Campbell, Jason
Clanton, James
Cunningham, Michael
Curry, Sherrita
Dalton, Shannon
Dickenson, Steven
Estep, Erika
Fletcher, Jason
Flynn, Kelley
Fox, Bryan
Griffy, Cindy
Hammons, Clinton
Hart, Brian
Heath, John
Jacobs, Michael
James, Felicia
Johnson, Kevin
Lambert, Dustin
Miller, Amelia
Milligan, April
Moon, Toby
Mooningham, Rachel
Mott, Heather
Neil, Mark
Parker, Barbie
Paschal, Brent
Perryman, Jamie
Rainey, Jeramy
Ray, Barbie
Ray, Dustin
Ray, Matthew
Redden, Tommy
Rust, Michelle
Savage, Christopher
Sours, Adria
Stanley, Adam
Stokes, Billy
Tomlin, Jenny
Tubberville, Marie
Watkins, James
Woodall, Jason
Wright, Daniel
Young, Elizabeth