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Class of 1987

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.

Class of 1987

Adcock, Michael
Adcock, Michael C.
Anderton, Emily
Batts, Tyrell
Blackburn, Bryan 
Blackburn, David 
Bomar, Barbara
Brothers, Tracey 
Campbell, Todd
Carpenter, Tracy
Cates, Leslie
Choate, Melissa 
Clardy, Lenae
Curry, Audra
Dennis, John
Dillion, Scott 
Dyer, Marla
Edmondson, Melissa 
Farrar, Patricia
Grissom, Marinda
Haskins, Ronnie
Haynes, Bonita
Haynes, Susan
Johnsey, Ken
Leftrick, Abby
Lewis, Tabitha
Lynch, Buddy
Lynch, Robin
McClenney, Kevin
Melton, Glenda
Moore, Dana
Myrick, Walter
Newman, Vicki
Peacock, Veronica
Peels, Gary
Perryman, Phillip
Pope, Johnny
Reed, Jeff
Sanders, Michael  
Smith, Jennifer
Smith, Dwayne
Smith, Mary
Smith, Brent
Stocstill, Kevin
Taylor, Marilyn 
Tharp, Sheila  
Warrick, Daniel
Waters, Charles
Waterson, Lyle
White, Arlene
White, Ronnie
Yoes, Tommy