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Class of 1986

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.

Class of 1986

Adcock, Randy
Adcock, Michael
Andre, Colette
Brock, Tina
Brown, Troy
Burton, Dawn
Carney, Susan
Collier, Lynn
Craig, Tammy
Crowell, David 
Dillion, Regina
Dixon, Sean
Fritz, Michael
Grissom, Kevin
Hagood, Rachel
Hasty, Sheila
Haynes, Rex
Helton, Steve
Hopper, Tommy
Johnson, Stephanie
Lemmons, Chris
Lynch, Gail
Marlin, Kevin
McClain, Mike
Melton, Greg
Molder, Mark
Moore, Michael
Neeley, Melvin
Neill, Melissa
Parker, Kelly
Paschal, Byron
Piar, Kenneth
Pinkston, Michael
Ralston, James
Randolph, Johnny
Ray, David 
Sender, Regina
Shelton, Carol Ann
Smith, Debbie
Smith, James
Smith, Kevin
Smith, Josh
Smith, Keith
Snell, Joe
Sudberry, Roxanne
Swing, Cheryl
Walls, Angela
Wheeler, Ronnie
Woods, Cheryl
Wright, Bubba
Wright, Charles