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Class of 1984

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.

Class of 1984

Adcock, Ron
Bolin, Ricky
Boyce, Sonja
Bradley, Janie
Burks, Richard
Cates, Mary
Cates, Tara
Davis, James
Dennis, Kristie
Ervin, Karlyna
Hasty, Lynda
Helton, Lisa
Henry, Marilyn
Holton, Mark
Kincaid, Regina
King, Jeff
Leverette, Brenda
Leverette, Teresa
Lovvorn, David 
Lynch, Donna
Mankin, Roger
Mankin, Kenny
Murrah, Melanie
Pope, Loretta
Pylant, Michelle
Reed, John 
Reeves, Gina
Scott, James 
Shelton, Kristy
Smith, Anna
Smith, Andrea
Smith, Stephen 
Smith, Robert 
Snell, Kathy
Spence, Jeff
Upchurch, John
Walls, Tony
Warrick, Judith
Williams, Greta
Woodall, Tina
Woods, Samuel