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Class of 1977

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.

Class of 1977

Adams, Dwayne
Aldridge, Christy
Bolin, Denise
Boyce, Becky
Brown, Anita
Byford, Edward
Compton, Brenda
Compton, David
Cooper, George III
Corbin, Troy
Crowell, Carl
Davis, Gary
Davis, Kathy
Ensey, Karroll
Harris, Darlene
Jolly, Randy
Kincaid, Jeff
Kline, Bethany
Lamb, Donna
Lamb, Kenneth
Largin, Mike
Leftwich, Susan
McGuire, Kathy
Melton, Gerald
Molder, David
Moore, Brenda
Moore, Timothy
Murphree, Steve
Myers, Patsy
Perryman, Dennis
Reese, Brenda
Rollins, David
Sanders, Eddie
Sanders, Eugene
Smith, Laura
Stokes, Juanita
Sudberry, Barbara
Tindall, Kathy
Yarbrough, Pat