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Class of 1974

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This is the class roster as recorded with the Community School Alumni Association. It may contain known married names instead of the graduates' names as they appeared on their diplomas.

Class of 1974

Adcock, Gary
Adcock, Joan
Armstrong, Tommy
Beasley, Don
Blanton, Brenda
Bolin, Deborah
Bryant, Kaye
Bugg, Theodore
Burrahm, Barbara
Caudill, Peggy
Clanton, Mike
Crutcher, Vanessa
Fite, Lana
Jarrell, Joe
Kimmins, Nell
Kincaid, Brenda
Knight, Terry
Lockhart, Dinah
Newsom, Eddie
Sanders, David
Smotherman, Hazel
Vincent, Joey
Wheeler, James
Wilhoite, Bobby
Yarbrough, Vicki