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Bedford County Board of Education Dress Code

Bedford County Board of Education Student Dress Code Policy

Bedford County Board of Education Student Dress Code Exemption Request

General Summary  - Student Dress Code Policy:

  • Collared shirts in any color, including stripes and plaids are allowed.
  • T-shirts without a collar are allowed if school approved (club, sport, collegiate, military, etc.).
  • Shirts must not have any writing, pictures or images depicting alcohol, drugs, sexual references/images/inneuendo, or other messages contrary to the mission of education.
  • Garments must be properly buttoned and fastened.
  • Hoodies are allowed but hoods may not be worn on the head inside school buildings.
  • The tuck-in rule has been removed but midriffs must be covered.
  • Shorts, shirts, and dresses must extend below the fingertip when standing straight, relaxed, and flat-footed.
  • Cargo shorts are allowed. 
  • Leisure pants, jogging pants, sweat pants, and athletic shorts (gym shorts) are not allowed outside of PE classes.  Pajamas are prohibited outside of designated dress-up days.
  • Leggings must not be worn as pants or primary cover.  They must be covered with acceptable length shorts, tops, dresses or skirts.
  • Manufacturers logos are acceptable.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.  Shoes with laces must be tied.  Rubber shoes/sandals/flip-flops are allowed.  Skate shoes and house shoes are prohibited.
  • All clothing must be hemmed without un-mended holes or rips.
  • Tattoos that display drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or gang or sex-related words or images must not be visible.
  • The wearing of jewelry in any visible piercing other than the ear is prohibited.
  • Chains and spiked accessories are not permitted.  Belts may not hang down as a "tail" from the belt loop.
  • Hats/caps/head coverings and sunglasses are prohibited inside school buildings.
  • Students' dress and grooming shall be clean and neat.  Anything that is deemed disruptive to the educational process is prohibited.