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U.S. Cities
Due Date: 3/23/2020
Subject: Personal Finance

Personal Finance—Extended school, Assign. # 1                  2019 - 2020 Quarter 4

Using sources that you can find on the internet, choose one of the U.S. cities listed below and answer the following questions:

Austin, Texas

Honolulu, Hawaii

Boston, Massachusetts

San Francisco, California

Detroit, Michigan

Tampa, Florida

New Orleans, Louisiana

San Antonio, Texas

Portland, Oregon

Jackson, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee

St. Louis, Missouri

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washington, DC

Chicago, Illinois

Seattle, Washington

Starkville, Mississippi

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Columbus, Ohio

Mackinac Island, Mich

Savannah, Georgia


1.     Plan a 5-day vacation to one of these cities, what would be some activities that you would do while visiting there?

How much would you budget for admission tickets? Entertainment? Food?

2.     How would you arrive? Car? Plane? Train?

If by car—approx. how much money would you budget for gas?

If by plane—approx. how is your airfare?

3.     What hotel would you book for your accommodations? What is your budget for 4 nights?

4.     For the city that you chose, what are some ways that people make their money who live there?

5.     Are there any colleges/tech schools located in this city? List a few.