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Economic Links
Youtube: ACDC Leadership Economic videos

A Youtube channel focusing on Economic topics. Has great videos to review economic topics that include hilarious song parodies!

Youtube: MJMFoodie Economic videos

Another great Youtube channel that has short video clips to help introduce and review key economic concepts.

Tennessee State Standards for Economics

Textbook Online resources

Interactive Bills

How to make paper airplanes


Personal Finance Links
PBS: Your Life, Your Money

Onguard Online

How to balance your checkbook


Banking Tutor

Credit Card Statement

Credit Card Simulator

Insurance Game


Keyboarding/Document Formatting Links
Fun and lesson based keyboarding games

Typing Defense Game

Cup Stacking Typing Game

Typing Adventure Game

Dance Mat Typing Game

Keyman game

Typing Prompts

College Prep Links
Planning Your Dreams Career Research

Most likely you already have a user name, if you did this in middle school or Sophomore year Personal Finance. Try logging in and searching for yourself. If you don't, let me know and I can get you signed up.

Petersons College Search

College View College Search

College Board College Search

College Prowler College Comparison

Economics - Current Events
A Healthy Labor Market Still Includes Many Puzzles