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Messages for Students and Parents:

Q3 grades have been updated. The deadline for missing work was 3/10 (last Tuesday). There are many students' reflections missing. If you failed to turn your last test grade in before school dismissal, please email a copy of them to me before Friday!



Online coursework is now set up for all students with internet access at home. Click HERE to log into the website and begin working. Use the following login credentials:

  • Account is BCDOE
  • Username is your school lunch number
  • Passwork is also your school lunch number!

Please complete flex assignments first; "Exponential and Logarithmic Functions" and "Sequences and Series" should be done before doing any Extended Closure Courseware assignments. Sorry for the confusion - I had to add these two units separately because they were not offered under the second semester courseware already uploaded.

Non-Online coursework must be done through our Algebra 2 textbook. All students must have taken their textbook home during this break. Any student, whether you have internet access or not, may do non-online work instead of coursework through Edmentum. It is your choice but you must choose to do something. Click HERE to see the first document listing assignments, quizzes, and tests.


 Students in need of supplies, a forgotton textbook, or calculators to check out must report to the front office on Friday, March 20th, during the limited access time between 8:30 and 11 AM. It would be best to please notify me or a member of administration as soon as possible to expect your arrival for those who plan to come.








Domain/Range and Functions

Systems of Equations

(Optional) Linear Inverses

Quadratic Functions/Parabolas

Factoring Skills

Polynomial Graphs

Remainder/Factor Theorem

Rational Expressions, Part 1

Rational Expressions, Part 1 HONORS

Radical Graphs

RETAKE Radical Graphs

Exponential Growth and Decay




Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3