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Supply List 


Course Materials Needed

*updated 8/2/19*

  • Pencils
  • Pencil Pouch (to keep all those pencils!) 
  • Notebook Paper
  • Graph Paper
  • Binder with dividers
  •      - please label dividers as follows:
  •      1) Brain Switch 
  •      2) Notes and Worksheets
  •      3) Assessments
  •      4) ACT Prep
  •      5) Reflections
  • $5.00 Room Fee



Optional Materials

  • TI-84 Plus (CE or Silver) Graphing Calculator (NOTE: Any student going to college will need one of these of their own anyway!) 
  • Multi-colored pens or colored pencils for NOTES. I commonly use many colors to write steps in math and you may feel like it helps you, too.