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Supply List 


Course Materials Required

  • Pencils - all homework must be done in pencil.
  • Notebook Paper
  • Composition book to be an interactive study notebook (for Algebra 1 classes only)
  • Binder or Notebook with at least 3 dividers - one for notes and/or worksheets, one for homework, and one for tests/quizzes and/or reviews. Every student in high school should be expected to stay organized and responsible for keeping up with work.
  • $3.00 Room Fee for classroom supplies relating to activities and lessons.

Optional Materials

  • TI-83 Plus OR TI-84 OR TI-nspire Graphing Calculator (Note: My classroom is equipped with graphing calculators for every student, but you may feel this purchase necessary if math is to be pursued, especially for college courses.) Do not purchase the CAS version of any calculator or TI-89 and up because it is not allowed in most testing locations, like ACT and SAT, as well as some college courses; those calculators will not be allowed to use in my class.
  • Multi-colored pens or colored pencils for NOTES. I don't care what you write your notes in, as long as YOU can read them.