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Marilyn Ralston Staff Photo

Supply List 

Materials List for Geometry    

     3 ringed notebook ( 1.5  in)

     Loose-leaf notebook paper

     Pencils  ( work will not be accepted in ink)

     Dividers for notebook ( 5 tabs ) 

     Graph paper

     Room Fee for activities is $5.00

 Optional materials that might be helpful


     Colored Pencils

      Calculator (  I have a classroom set  of calculators that students can use.  However, students  may want to purchase their own.    Recommendations for calculators  are a TI -nspire or a TI -84.  Please note that this is a big expense and not necessary for my class.  However, they will need a calculator for the ACT and other high level math courses.   The TI-CAS is not allowed on the ACT and I do not recommend this calculator)


    Notebook with loose-leaf paper

    Calculator ( TI-84 or higher)