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Biology II Articles 

Following are links to Articles that are required reading for Honors Biology II.

3 Articles are to be read and answer sheets turned in for each of the first 2 Quarters (a total of 6 reports for the Fall Semester). The grade will be listed as 1st Quarter Project (2nd Quarter Project) and will count as a TEST GRADE.


To view these files, you will need a .pdf reader such as Adobe Reader!  You can download a free copy by following this link





Antibiotics & Disinfectants                                    DNA - The Master Molecule

As If the Flu Weren't Bad Enough                                              Groundwater

Aspertame: Some Bitter With the Sweet                               Rude Awakening

Avoid Fleas Like the Plague                                                      Seed Viability

Battling Malaria                                                                    Test Tube Skin

Bioremediation                                                                The Artery Zapper

Bizarre Beasts of the Abyss                                                 The Perils of Pot

Blasting Kidney Stones                                                     The Poison Eaters

Closing In On A Killer Gene                                                 The Silent Battle

Diatoms                                                                         To Starve A Tumor