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Personal Finance: What Did We Do Today? 

Welcome to Mrs. Lawell's Personal Finance Classroom

Thank you for visiting my website!  Throughout the semester, I hope you will find this site helpful as you study Personal Finance.  Here you will find resources that will help you learn as much as possible and make great grades, but it is up to you.  I'll help you all I can but you have to do your part.  Explore the site to see all that is available.  I would love to hear your suggestions about how to make it more helpful to you. Look under "Current Handouts/Resources" and click on the unit that we are in for PowerPoint files, handouts, videos, etc that are used or referenced in class.

Tennessee Standards for Personal Finance: Our goal is to master each of this standards


  1. Requirements and Expectations--Powerpoint Presentation used in class to explain what is expected in this class.

  2. Classroom Syllabus--Handout to return to class with your and your parent's signature.

  3. Intro to Personal Finance--Folder has all the files that are used or referenced. 

  4. Getting Paid Unit--Folder has all the files that are used or referenced.
  5. Saving and Investing-- Folder has all the files that are used or referenced.

2017-18 Classroom Daily Agendas

Choose the month below to see what was done in class each day. Use this resource if you are absent or forget what we did in class.  It is updated regularly.  Remember, if you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and complete the assignments. 

Semester 2

Semester 1