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Speech and Drama Assignments (3-30 through 4-3)  

Speech Class--We have not received any notification as to when or if the state testing will be conducted.  Please use the week to prepare as if it were going to happen.  Please practice your 5 to 5 and 1/2 minute speech, timing yourself and using your outline only.  Also...continue to look over the email which contained your 50 question practice test.  I seriously doubt this will happen on April 17th, but we'll be prepared whenever it does happens.

Drama I Classes--please select one of the following playwrights (Neil Simon, Tennessee Williams, or Arthur Miller) and research the following:  List at least 3-5 plays that they wrote.  List dates of birth and death (if applicable).  List any awards won, such as the Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize, etc.  List any movie adaptations made from their play scripts.  Read a cutting of at least 2 pages from one of their shows (should be able to find many of these online) and summarize with at least 1/2 page.  

Drama II/III Classes--same assingment as Drama I, except--also include William Inge and Lorraine Hansberry as possibilities.  Also...find a monologue of at least 30 seconds and film yourself performing this.  It cannot be from a show that you have done at CHS (i.e. Rumors or one already performed in class) I will let you know what I want you to do with the video of your monologue next week!  

ALL CLASSES please email your assignments to me at by Monday, April 6th.

Coronavirus Announcements   

For assignments and questions during the coronavirus shutdown, please email Mr. Davis at: