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Brittney Johnson Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
2022 Class Sponsor, Art League Sponsor, Visual Arts I, Visual Arts II


Bachelor of Science in Art Education
Magna Cum Laude
Middle Tennessee State University (2018)

Associate of Science
Summa Cum Laude
Motlow State College (2014)

High School Diploma
Academic Top Ten
Shelbyville Central (2011)


Art Teacher
Giles County High School

Pre-Service School Practicums
Community High, Riverdale High, Oakland High, Stewarts Creek High, Blackman Middle, Oakland Middle, Harris Middle, Barfield Elementary, Norman Binkley Elementary, Smyrna Primary, Tennessee School for the Blind


My name is Brittney Johnson, and I received my Associate of Science from Motlow State Community College in 2014 and my Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the Art Education program at Middle Tennessee State University in 2018. I have lived in the middle Tennessee area my entire life, and have always been a practicing artist since my childhood. I currently have one year experience as a high school art educator. I am also a self-taught portrait artist, which is one of the reasons I decided to become a major in the arts. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to guide others in learning about a field that I find so much enjoyment in, and I am very dedicated to and passionate about the visual arts. 


Teaching Philosophy 

"I am always learning what I cannot do, so that I may learn how to do it." - Pablo Picasso

 Having the opportunity to teach students how art can impact their lives is what motivates me to demonstrate my best leadership abilities. In my opinion, learning takes place in an environment that encourages openness, the sharing of creative ideas, research, respect for others, and self-determination. The learner should feel as though they have the potential to take any new information given to them and use it to benefit their lives by expressing creative thought in an effective way. To me, my role as a teacher is that I am a guide for students in their learning by establishing an environment that meets each of these qualities.

 My long term goals for my students are that they will use what they have learned in my classroom to not only become a more skillful artist, but to also have developed a critical thinking process that will motivate them to research, question, and positively change society in their best personal approach. Some specific topic areas in my class that will be examined to meet these goals include: art techniques and processes, continuous integration of other academic disciplines including math, science, language, and social studies, visual culture, and using art as a basic therapeutic practice.

 Professional growth is incredibly important to me, not only because it affects my abilities as a teacher and a practicing artist, but it will also benefit the students by giving me more resources to implement in the classroom and make the process of learning about art more practicable for them. My professional goals are to pursue more knowledge of art and its practice, become more active in the community to promote the importance of art education, and further develop my artistic business practices in the fields of drawing and painting. I will meet each of these goals by furthering my education either through academic pursuit or applied research, volunteering and contributing to art-related events, and remaining a practicing artist.

 I have had many positive influences in my life and hold many qualities that have motivated me to choose teaching as a career. I have the upmost intention of implementing my teaching philosophy in a way that exhibits my respect and gratitude for those that guided me towards the teaching field, such as family and the several excellent leaders and teachers that I have had in the past. If I can give back to society by using the study of the visual arts and help influence people to become their very best selves, then I will feel as though I have succeeded in the most worthwhile way. -Brittney Johnson