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Check-Out Policy After Exams
Posted On:
Sunday, April 22, 2018
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  • If a student intends to check-our after their final exam of the day, they must have a written note signed by their parent or guardian. PHONE CALLS FOR PERMISSION TO CHECK-OUT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.
  • Students will give their written check-out note to the teacher of their last exam of the day.
  • Students will turn in their check-out note upon entering the classroom.
  • When the dismissal announcement is made, only those students who turned in a written note are permitted to leave. Students must sign the STUDENT SIGN-OUT LOG when departing. No student is allowed to leave prior to the scheduled dismissal time.
  • Written notes are required even if a student has a permanent checkout on file with the vice principal.
  • Once students have turned in a written note and signed the sign-out log, they have permission to leave.
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