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View Wait Until Dark (Fall 2018)
Wait Until Dark (Fall 2018)

Frederick Knott's terrifying thriller came back to CHS, as we celebrated our 25th anniversary season. Susy Hendrix is a blind woman living in New York City who has unknowingly come into possession of something of great value. Three strangers show up at her door step with shocking stories about her husband. Soon it becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems, and that Susy's very life depends on figuring out the mystery.

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View Neil Simon's RUMORS! (Spring 2018)
Neil Simon's RUMORS! (Spring 2018)

A revival of our early 2000's show; when Chris and Ken Gorman arrive at the 10th wedding anniversary party of their friends Charlie and Myra Brock. But they find Myra missing and Charlie has shot himself in the head...but missed...and only hit his ear lobe! As more and more guests arrive, can they keep their friends' secret until they discover the truth!

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View To Kill a Mockingbird (Summer 2018)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Summer 2018)

The story of life in the South during the Depression, as seen through the eyes of a young girl, is told in Harper Lee's classic novel adapted for the stage.

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View And Then There Were None (Spring 2017)
And Then There Were None (Spring 2017)

Ten strangers were called to an isolated island mansion by a mysterious individual. Someone begins murdering them one-by-one.

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View Bus Stop (Fall 2017)
Bus Stop (Fall 2017)

William Inge's comedy/drama classic tells the tale of eight wildly different personalities, all forced by a blizzard to spend the night together in a lonely, roadside café.

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View Magic to Do: Smokestack Theatre Through the Years (Summer 2017)
Magic to Do: Smokestack Theatre Through the Years (Summer 2017)

An eveniing of cuttings from some of the best productions ever brought to the Community High Stage!

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View Les Miserables (Fall 2016)
Les Miserables (Fall 2016)

It's a story worth telling. No, it was not a musical. Victor Hugo's novel has been around for many years longer than the Broadway production. A story about two who learns what forgiveness is and one who cannot see past the law, you might say it's "Old Testament" vs. "New Testament".

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View Revelations! Original One-Acts (Summer 2016)
Revelations! Original One-Acts (Summer 2016)

Six original one-act plays, 3 of which were written and directed by CHS students or recent alumni, were presented "in-the-round".

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View The Odd Couple (Spring 2016)
The Odd Couple (Spring 2016)

Neil Simon's THE ODD COUPLE...the most popular comedy in American theatrical history: Friday and Saturday, March 18th and 19th at 7:00 p.m.

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View 2015, Fall - Picnic (Fall 2015)
2015, Fall - Picnic (Fall 2015)

A drifter shows up in a small Kansas town in 1953 and upsets the lives of some of the locals, perhaps even permanently. William Inge's Pulitzer Prize winner.

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View Deathtrap (Summer 2015)
Deathtrap (Summer 2015)

Our revival of the Smokestack's 4th show ever. This time, it was presented in "theatre-in-the-round", featuring a cast of CHS alumni.

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View High School Musical (Spring 2015)
High School Musical (Spring 2015)

Disney's modern classic came to the CHS stage with the help of Eagleville High School, in their first team up since 2008's GREASE. Basketball star Troy Bolton has decided to tryout for the school play, and it's thrown the whole school into a tizzy!

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View New York Trip (2015)
New York Trip (2015)

Not a play but a photo album of the 2015 trip to New York City.

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View Barefoot in the Park (Summer 2014)
Barefoot in the Park (Summer 2014)

Paul and Corie are newlyweds, just moving out and up into a New York apartment. It's there that they discover a building full of crazies...only rivaled by their OWN in-laws, and the truth...that love and marriage is going to be much harder than expected!

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View Footloose: The Musical (Spring 2014)
Footloose: The Musical (Spring 2014)

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the Smokestack offers up a re-do of one of our most popular musicals. A big city kid moves to a small town where he discovers that one of his passions, dancing, has been banned.

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View The Diary of Anne Frank (Fall 2014)
The Diary of Anne Frank (Fall 2014)

The production, a revival of our 1996 show, is the story of a young girl who, along with her family and several strangers, is forced to hide from Hitler's Nazi Army for more than 2 years in a tiny attic.

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View A Midsummer Night's Dream (Summer 2013)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Summer 2013)

William Shakespeare came to the CHS stage for the first time in its 88 year history with this whimsical comedy about a mischievious hobgoblin (Puck) and the chaos she causes on the lives of two pairs of young lovers and their peers!

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View Peter Pan & Wendy (Fall 2013)
Peter Pan & Wendy (Fall 2013)

Wendy and her brothers are whisked away to Neverland by "the boy who wouldn't grow up", where they will do battle with the dastardly Cpt. Hook and his band of pirates.

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View Twelve Angry Jurors (Spring 2013)
Twelve Angry Jurors (Spring 2013)

12 strangers have been tasked with determining the fate of a teen accused of murdering his own father. Everyone seems to see it as an open and shut case...everyone except juror #8. When he begins to question things, it soon becomes apparent that there is more, much more, to the case than meets the eye.

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View A Christmas Carol (Fall 2012)
A Christmas Carol (Fall 2012)

Four ghosts visit miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve where they have come to haunt him...and maybe to save him.

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View Catfish Moon (Summer 2012)
Catfish Moon (Summer 2012)

The sixth summer theatre project included a cast made up entirely of adults (three of them Community faculty)!! Catfish Moon details the lives of four old high school friends whose friendships have grown more fragmented over the years. One of them plans one last fishing trip in order to try and bring them back together. However, it takes something much more tragic before they all realize the importance of friendship and the brevity of life.

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View The Miracle Worker (Spring 2012)
The Miracle Worker (Spring 2012)

The true story of Helen Keller, a young girl who couldn't see, hear, or talk and the young, first-time teacher who dared to try and bring her out of the darkness.

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View Butterflies are Free (Summer 2011)
Butterflies are Free (Summer 2011)

The fifth summer show saw alums Dalton Reeves, Kaylea King, and Jordan Powell return to the CHS stage for the emotional story of a blind boy who falls in love with a free-spirited "hippie" during the turbulent '60s.

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View Man of La Mancha (Spring 2011)
Man of La Mancha (Spring 2011)

When poet Cervantes is thrown into jail for crimes against the state, he resorts to defending himself in the way he knows best: by weaving the tale about a crazy old man who thinks he's a knight in shinning armor..."Don Quixote".

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View The Sting (Fall 2011)
The Sting (Fall 2011)

When a small time con-man's partner is murdered by a crime boss, he swears revenge. After recruiting a legendary but well past his prime hustler, the two set out to get even in the only way they know how: the big con!

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View God's Favorite (Spring 2010)
God's Favorite (Spring 2010)

Remake of an early Smokestack production. Neil Simon wrote this modern day retelling of the book of Job from the Old Testament. And yep, it's a comedy! When Joe Benjamin receives a mysterious midnight visitor, all heck breaks loose in his wacky household.

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View The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Fall 2010)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Fall 2010)

Tom, Huck, Becky and all the gang from Mark Twain's memorable classic came to life on the CHS stage.

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View The Wedding Singer (Summer 2010)
The Wedding Singer (Summer 2010)

A musical based on the Adam Sandler '80s love-fest was the fourth summer production. Directed by Justin Holder.

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View Steel Magnolias (Spring 2009)
Steel Magnolias (Spring 2009)

The final Smokestack production in the "new" Wheeler Auditorium would be a remake of one of the group's most beloved earlier productions, STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

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View The Real Inspector Hound/The Actors' Nightmare (Summer 2009)
The Real Inspector Hound/The Actors' Nightmare (Summer 2009)

Our third SUMMER THEATRE production, an evening of one acts. Tom Stoppard's "Hound" is a take-off on Agatha Christie type murder-mysteries, and Christopher Durrang's modern classic, "Nightmare" is a surreal dream of a play about everything that can go wrong on the stage. Directed by Dalton Reeves.

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View The Wizard of Oz (Fall 2009)
The Wizard of Oz (Fall 2009)

Dorthy, the Scarecrow, and yes...even Toto appeared in this wildly popular musical which saw the wicked witch materialize right in the middle of an astonished audience!

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View Grease (Spring 2008)
Grease (Spring 2008)

The most popular show in Smokestack history, selling out four consecutive nights! Grease is the wildly infectious story of Danny Zuko, a young tough who's heart melts when he meets Sandy, a girl from the other side of the tracks. "Greased Lighting", one of the more popular songs from the show, featured a full-size 1958 Studdebaker on stage!

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View The Foreigner (Fall 2008)
The Foreigner (Fall 2008)

Larry Shue's modern classic: when a horribly shy man is given the gift of a weekend at a secluded bed-and-breakfast, he concocts a scheme to make the other guests leave him alone. He'll convince them he is a foreigner who doesn't speak English. But the plan backfires when he overhears a plot...a plot to overthrow the U.S. government!!! Now he and a small group of local misfits must band together to stop the KKK itself!

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View The Club (Spring 2007)
The Club (Spring 2007)

A nostalgic look back at the decade of the '80s in this parady of all things high school.

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View The Crucible (Fall 2007)
The Crucible (Fall 2007)

A remake of the first show ever produced in the "new" Wheeler Auditorium, THE CRUCIBLE is Arthur Miller's tragedy about the true-life Salem Witchcraft Trials.

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View Footloose: The Musical (Spring 2006)
Footloose: The Musical (Spring 2006)

Based on the hit Kevin Bacon film of the same name, Footloose is the story of a town where dancing is illegal...until a new kid shows up encouraging the townspeople to cut loose...footloose!

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View It's A Wonderful Life (Fall 2006)
It's A Wonderful Life (Fall 2006)

Based on the Frank Capra holiday classic, "Wonderful Life" is the story of George Bailey, a man who's life has slowly spiraled out of control and the angel who shows up one Christmas Eve claiming she can give him just what he needs: a chance to see what the world would have been like if he'd never been born.

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View The Rainmaker (Summer 2006)
The Rainmaker (Summer 2006)

In a town experiencing a terrible drought, the Curry family has struggles of their own, including a daughter with no self-esteem. Their lives are interrupted when a fast talking stranger enters their lives...claiming he can bring rain.

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View Neil Simon's Rumors (Fall 2005)
Neil Simon's Rumors (Fall 2005)

A ridiculously wild comedy of errors! When two guests arrive at a lavish dinner party and find their hostess missing and the host shot (through the ear-lobe), it's only the beginning of the most laugh out loud comedy in Neil Simon's catalogue!

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View Pink:  The '80s Revisited! (Spring 2005)
Pink: The '80s Revisited! (Spring 2005)

A romantic comedy-drama about love and social cliques in a 1980s American high school...

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View Godspell (Spring 2004)
Godspell (Spring 2004)

To celebrate the theatre group's tenth anniversary, two of its early shows were re-done, including this title, the first Broadway musical in school history.

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View To Kill a Mockingbird (Fall 2004)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Fall 2004)

Harper Lee's stunning masterpiece about growing up in the South during the depression came to the CHS stage. Atticus Finch is trying to raise two children and work as his town's most respected lawyer. When a case involving heavy racial undertones is handed to him, he realizes he may be the only man standing between justice and a town ready to explode.

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View The Nerd (Spring 2003)
The Nerd (Spring 2003)

Larry Shue's hilarious yarn about everybody's worst nightmare: a dinner guest who shows up unexpectedly...and simply won't leave! The homeowners decide there's only one real way to get rid of the fellow: to make him believe that THEY are even weirder than he. No small task!

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View Wait Until Dark (Fall 2003)
Wait Until Dark (Fall 2003)

Our remake of the 1st ever Smokestack production, Frederick Knott's thriller about a blind woman terrorized by three con men, one of whom may just be a psycopathic serial killer.

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View The Boys Next Door (Spring 2002)
The Boys Next Door (Spring 2002)

A heartwarming comedy/drama about six mentally challenged young men and the caretaker who tries to keep their lives together.

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View The Goodbye Girl (Fall 2002)
The Goodbye Girl (Fall 2002)

Neil Simon's 1978 Academy Award winning movie (Richard Dryfuss-best actor) came to the CHS a musical! When a dancer and her young daughter are forced to share their NYC apartment with an actor, the sparks fly...and soon the romance blossoms!

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View A Few Good Men (Fall 2001)
A Few Good Men (Fall 2001)

The Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson film was originally a stage-play. Lt. Dan Kaffe is a brash young lawyer in the Navy who cares little about anything except getting out and getting on with life. But when a murder case is handed to that such an inexperienced lawyer should never have been considered for, he realizes that the case is far less "open and close" than it appears...and that very high ranking individuals WANT him to lose.

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View Neil Simon's Proposals (Spring 2001)
Neil Simon's Proposals (Spring 2001)

Neil Simon's most mature of comedies; it's the story of a family who have spent every summer of their lives at this vacation home, and the emotions that rise as they realize that this time will be their last.

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View A Christmas Carol (Fall 2000)
A Christmas Carol (Fall 2000)

Charles Dickens' classic about miserly old Ebonezer Scrooge. His world is turned upside down when one Christmas Eve, the ghost of his only friend turns up offering Ebonezer has one last chance at redemption; but to get it, he'll have to face his worst nightmares, all in one night!

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View Man of La Mancha (Spring 2000)
Man of La Mancha (Spring 2000)

When poet Cervantes is thrown into jail for crimes against the state, he resorts to defending himself in the way he knows best: by weaving the tale about a crazy old man who thinks he's a knight in shinning armor..."Don Quixote".

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View Butterflies are Free (Spring 1999)
Butterflies are Free (Spring 1999)

Our original production was the first Smokestack show ever performed "in-the-round". In addition, a corridor was constructed which audiences had to pass through to get onstage. It featured black lights/posters, burning incense and blaring Jimi Hendrix music!

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View Frankenstein (Fall 1999)
Frankenstein (Fall 1999)

Mary Shelly had a nightmare and woke up the next morning to write this story of a creature searching for his creator. The set featured foggy graves, flashing laboratory lights, and a dungeon.

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View Catfish Moon (Spring 1998)
Catfish Moon (Spring 1998)

Catfish Moon was only the second show performed at the (then) new Wheeler Auditorium. We think that this production was also the FIRST production of the show ever done in the state of Tennessee.

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View Steel Magnolias (Fall 1998)
Steel Magnolias (Fall 1998)

Robert Harling's modern classic about the zany inhabitants of Truvy's Beauty Shop and the not so funny situation they find themselves in when one of their own faces a life or death choice.

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View Godspell (Spring 1997)
Godspell (Spring 1997)

The last show produced in the original Wheeler auditorium (less than a month before the building was demolished) was the first Broadway musical in school history.

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View The Crucible (Fall 1997)
The Crucible (Fall 1997)

Arthur Miller's classic was inspired by the McCarthy "red scare" of the 1950s, but it concerns the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692. The large cast production was the first ever in the then new Wheeler Auditorium.

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View The Diary of Anne Frank (Fall 1996)
The Diary of Anne Frank (Fall 1996)

As the house lights dimmed, the audience heard marching outside in the hallway, then loud banging on the theatre doors and shouts in German. Soon, the marching receded down the hall, and the actress playing Anne stood up and lit a candle. "It's not safe here, but I know a place. Follow me." She led the surprised audience down a darkened hallway and into a much smaller if taking them into that infamous attic itself. Then, and only then, did THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK begin.

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View The Rainmaker (Spring 1996)
The Rainmaker (Spring 1996)

Set in a drought-ridden rural town in the West in Depression-era America, The Rainmaker tells the story of a pivotal hot summer day in the life of spinsterish Lizzie Curry.

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View Deathtrap (Fall 1995)
Deathtrap (Fall 1995)

Ira Levin's diabolical thriller became only the fourth Smokestack production. A washed-up playwrite of murder mysteries is sent a brilliant script by a first time author. It isn't long until the older man begins to think of stealing the play...and comitting real murder. Unfortunately only one known photograph was taken of the show. It is being tracked down and will be added soon.

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View God's Favorite (Spring 1995)
God's Favorite (Spring 1995)

Neil Simon's modern-day retelling of the book of Job was the group's 3rd production; it featured a set that had to go from gorgeous to burn-to-the-ground...all during a ten minute intermission!

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View Thornton Wilder's Our Town (Fall 1994)
Thornton Wilder's Our Town (Fall 1994)

The small town of Grover's Corner is the fictional setting for this classic coming-of-age story.

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View Wait Until Dark (Spring 1994)
Wait Until Dark (Spring 1994)

Suzy Hendrix is a blind woman living as normal a life as possible in New York. But that life is turned upside down when she inadvertantly comes into possession of a doll...a doll that men are willing to kill to possess. When three of them show up, claiming to be friends of the family, Suzy slowly begins to realize that they are not who they seem, and that her very life will depend on figuring out the mystery!

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View Poster Collection
Poster Collection

A collection of posters, most by CHS alum Angie Gambill. Her artistry helps define each production and creates a great sense of anticipation for each show.

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