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The faculty, staff, and administration of Community High School believes that student athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. Student athletes must earn this privilege through dedication, desire, discipline and commitment. In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts concerning expectations and responsibilities as well as to achieve a determined course of action for the pursuit of athletic achievement and character training the following items are understood and agreed to between the student athlete, parents, and school.

Athletes will attend all scheduled practices, games, and/or matches after school hours, weekends, and during school vacations as determined necessary by the coaching staff. Transportation is under the jurisdiction of the school. An athlete is constantly in the eye of the public and thereby serves as a representative of the school. It is essential for a student athlete to exhibit an appropriate personal appearance as well as to conduct themselves with integrity and by accepted codes of behavior. Therefore, legal and/or school-based disciplinary actions will affect athletic eligibility. Poor personal appearance and behavior are a reflection of the standards of parents and school administration and will not be tolerated. Student athletes are required to meet all academic and attendance eligibility requirements. Grades may be monitored and voluntary tutoring made available if deemed necessary by the coaching staff and/or school administration.  Every attempt will be made to work together harmoniously with student athletes and parents. However, it shall be understood that coaches make decisions using their best judgments based on established criteria, expertise, and experience. Student athletes will adhere to all guidelines and rules as set forth by the coaching staff with the understanding that such are made in the best interest of the individual athlete, team, and school. Some athletic equipment and attire are the property of the school. Individual student athletes are responsible for the use and condition of school property and may be subject to replacement costs for damaged, lost, or stolen property. Student athletes may be subject to participation and/or random drug testing as prescribed by Board of Education policy. Eligibility may be revoked at any time for failure to adhere to the above stated terms for student athletic participation.