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2018 Community High School Cross Country
Mark Neill & Ian Stitzel - Coaches
Day Date Meet Time Note
Thu. Sept. 6  Bowie Park - Fairview  4:00 HS & MS
Tue. Sept. 11  Henry Horton Park  4:00  HS & MS 
Thu. Sept. 27 Community Campus Trail  Map & Schedule Times
Tue. Oct. 2   Arrowhead Ranch 3:00 HS & MS 
Tue. Oct. 9  Ring Farm 5:00  Times
Wed. Oct. 17 Cascade 4:00  
Thu.  Oct. 25  Region 6A Meet 
Percy Warner Steeplechase Park
2500 Old Hickory Blvd. Nashville, TN

Cascade, Columbia Academy, Community, Cornersville,
Eagleville, East Hickman, Fairview, Fayetteville, Forrest,
Hampshire, Hickman Co., Huntland, Lewis Co., Loretto,
Moore Co., Mt. Pleasant, Sante Fe, Summertown
All Day  


2018 Community High School Cross Country Roster
Mark Neill & Ian Stitzel - Coaches
Boys Class
Devin Bousum Sr.
Noah Douglas Jr.
Case Grizzle Jr.
Brandon Gomez Jr.
Brayden Pearson Jr.
Seth Cloud So.
Dakota Hill So.
James Neeley So.
Joel Neeley So.
Gage Ralston So.
Rylee Jeans Fr.
Braxton Thompson Fr.
Girls Class
Sidny DeOsio Sr.
Fabiola Zarate Sr.
Yurleny Anica Jr.
Calley Hand Jr.
Brianna Pearson Jr.
Candela Barrio So.
Jadyn Greer So.
Lexi Molnar So.
Jireh Von Dran So.
Managers - Jared Arrieta, Mariana Luciano, Samantha Mitchem


Scoring:  The first five runners from each team to cross the finish line receive the points that correspond to their place.  The first place runner receives one point, the second place runner two, etc.  The team receiving the lowest score wins the meet.  TSSAA region meets are limited to seven participants per varsity team.
2017 Cross Country Record
2017 Cross Country Roster
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