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Library Media Center

Mrs. Martin, Media Specialist
Mrs. Martin, Media Specialist

Card Catalog
Overdue Book Fines - $.10/School Day

Welcome to the Community High School Library Media Center!  My name is Jane Martin, and I am the Library Media Specialist.

We are very fortunate to have a beautiful, user friendly library.  The different sections of the library are clearly labeled and are easily accessible.  The automated card catalog contains all of the materials in our Library Media Center.  Technology is a main component of our library.  There is a library computer lab containing 24 new Dell desktop student computers and 1 teacher computer.  The teacher computer is connected to a mounted projector.  This enables the entire class to view information that is on the teacher computer.  In addition, we have 2 Distance Learning television sets.  These are large screen televisions connected to a Tandberg videoconferencing system.  Students are able to visually and vocally communicate with students at other schools as well as take virtual field trips.  Currently we have an old Apple MacBook cart with 21 laptops, a MacBook Air cart with 30 laptops, a Dell laptop cart with 30 laptops, another Dell cart with 25 laptops, and two additional Dell laptop carts with 36 in each for a total of 178 laptops.  Teachers may take these carts to their classrooms as needed.  There are also 8 additional student computers in the main part of the Media Center.  All of the computers are networked to two printers.  One is a black and white HP laser jet printer, and the other is a Ricoh color printer.

The LMC contains biographies, fiction books, nonfiction books, reference books, audiovisual materials, magazines, and newspapers for the students to utilize.  Books are available not only on the high school reading level, but they are available on lower reading levels for those students who have difficulties with reading.  Also, a section of books written in Spanish is available.

The location of the LMC is on the front of the building.  Six large windows allow in the sunlight and a beautiful view of a farm.  This makes for a very comfortable and inviting environment for our students.  Another addition to the LMC is a restroom.  This allows for after hours meetings.  Groups using the library after hours have easy access from the front doors and the use of a restroom without leaving the LMC.

Stop by and see our beautiful Library Media Center!  We are very proud of it.

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